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Primary Care Mental Health Specialist Services (PCMHSS)

Q: What are Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs)?

A: PWPs are accredited non-registrant practitioners trained to assess common mental health disorders, of mild to moderate severity.

Q: Where are PWPs available in Gwent?

A: The PWP service has been rolled out across Gwent across 2021, with Newport West being our final area to recruit to (hope to have PWPs in place by January 2022). Different areas currently have access to different levels of PWP cover and so some surgeries have more appointments available than others. 

Q: Who can a PWP see?

A: Our PWPs are only able to see those people with mild-moderate mental health concerns, so if the person is in a crisis that leaves them being at risk in some way, the GP would see these people. If considered appropriate to be seen by a PWP, then an appointment can be made this way.


Q: How can I be referred to a PWP in areas where  they are available? 

A: The idea is that people will access this service as they would a GP appointment; call their surgery and answer a few questions relating to their concerns so that they can be directed accordingly.