Sexual Health Services

What services are available?

  • Starting or repeat prescription of contraceptive pills
  • Starting or repeat prescription of the contraceptive injection
  • Assessing and managing coil and implant problems.
  • Assessing and managing current contraception problems.
  • Emergency contraception
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the majority of sexually transmitted infections
     in people with symptoms.
  • Investigation and treatment of sudden onset pelvic and testicular pain
  • Investigation and treatment of genital ulcers
  • Sexual Assault Care
  • Abortion care
  • HIV care

How can I access these services?

  • Call 01633 431709
  • Consultations over the telephone
  • Monday – Friday 0900-1630
  • Appointments given for face to face consultations and medication pick up in Bargoed /Newport / Cwmbran
  • Service runs 5 days a week

What about my coil or implant – they have run out?

  • The Jaydess hormonal coil will not work for contraception beyond 3 years. The 5 year Mirena/Levosert hormonal coil (IUS) will work for contraception up to 6 years
  • The 10 year copper coil (IUD) will work for contraception up to 12 years
  • The progesterone only Implant will work for contraception up to 4 years
  • These recommendations are evidenced based, however if you would like to rely on another form of contraception until you have them changed, we can offer you a contraceptive pill.