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The Ambition for Gwent

In 2030 the places where we live, work, learn and play make it easier for people in our communities to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

All our children and young people live in smoke free environments and consider not smoking to be the norm. More of our children and young people live in an environment that supports being a healthy weight.

We have vibrant, connected communities with people preferring to walk and cycle for local journeys. Families and children are active in our shared open spaces and getting the most out of our abundant, natural environment.

We live, learn and work in strong and mutually supportive, resilient communities - both real and virtual.

We are taking concerted action to improve mental well-being because we understand that there is no health without good mental health.

All partners are focussing their collective efforts on the main things that create greater equity, and we are starting to see greater equity in the determinants of health.

Building a Healthier Gwent is at the heart of what we all do.