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The team of paediatric Dietitians at the Health Board work with children by providing individual assessment, advice and support to each child dependant on their condition. We work closely with other members of the wider health care community including Consultant Paediatricians, GP’s, Speech and Language Therapists, Health Visitors, School Nurses and Specialist Nurses to support parents and children. 

We see children with a wide variety of different conditions and provide advice to manage their condition through dietary changes, which may include:  

  • Gastroenterology including liver disease
  • Neonatology (premature infants)
  • Diabetes and endocrine conditions
  • Inherited metabolic disorders
  • Respiratory conditions and Cystic Fibrosis
  • Allergy and intolerances
  • Tube feeding
  • Obesity
  • Children with additional needs
  • Disordered eating
  • Faltering growth

If you think your child requires dietetic advice, please speak with your GP or Consultant Paediatrician who can make a direct referral to our department.

You can find our Referral Criteria here : Referral Criteria - Paediatric Dietetics


Useful Links

British Dietetic Association (BDA) Food Fact Sheets 
The BDA Food Fact Sheets are written by Dietitians to help you learn the best way to eat and drink to keep your body fit and healthy, there are also a number of sheets on specific medical conditions for example Diabetes. You will also find a specific section for Babies, Children & Pregnancy which covers topics like 'Children - diet, behaviour and learning', 'Children - healthy eating'  and Weaning'

Cows' Milk Allergy  
The Cows' Milk Allergy (CMA) site provides information about CMA and what you can do about it.

Allergy UK    
Allery UK provides a range of information on food allergies.

Anaphylaxis Campaign 
Anaphylaxis Campaign are a UK charity supporting people at risk of severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.      

Infant & Toddler Forum  
The infant & toddler forum provides practical advice for healthy eating habits from pregnancy to preschool.

'ERIC' provided Education and Resource for Improving Childhood Continence, this includes constipation.

Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association (CICRA)    
CICRA provides information and support to children, young people and their families affected by Crohn's or Colitis.

Diabetes UK are a leading charity supporting people with diabetes in the UK. On their website you'll find a range of information about living with diabetes, there is a specific section for children with diabetes.

JDRF is the type 1 diabetes charity. On their website they provide information for adults, parents and children.

Gwent Children's Diabetes 
Gwent Children's Diabetes are part of the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and their webpage provides information on the service they provide.

Coeliac UK 
This is a charity providing information and resources for people needing to follow a gluten free diet.

The National Society for Phenylketonuria (NSPKU) 
The NSPKU exists to help and support people with PKU and their families. Their website provides information and contact information.

National Information Centre for Metabolic Diseases (CLIMB)
CLIMB provide information and support to families. A helpline number is provided on their site.

Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis are a UK charity and provides support to people with Cystic Fibrosis and those who care for them.

Healthy Start  
The Healthy Start webpage provides information around Healthy Start vouchers and health tips and recipes to support the use of these. 

BLISS is a charity and provides support to families with a premature or sick baby, they also offer support and advice to families that have lost their baby.


Useful Leaflets



Cow's Milk Protein Intolerance


Fussy or Faddy Eating






Suspected Nutritional Deficiencies


Vegan and Vegetarian