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Self-Care Toolkit
Advice for young people on the importance of self-care and being kind to yourself


Well-being Suggestions

Good self-care can lead to us feeling relaxed, positive and in a better mood. This can leave us feeling more able to do the things that are important.


Eat a regular and balanced diet

It’s important to eat regularly and to eat the correct amount from each food group. Eating well can make us feel good in our bodies and in our mind! It can help us feel less tired, and makes us feel like we have more energy to keep going throughout the day.



Try to get enough sleep

This booklet gives more information on helping problems with sleeping.


Self-esteem Journal

Self-care is so important for our wellbeing and helps us to manage things that are tricky or take up a lot of mental and physical energy. It can also be helpful to focus on positive things.