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The following information is appropriate for most soft tissue, joint and bone problems.

  • The expected timescales for the recovery of most musculoskeletal problems can be between a few weeks to 6 months. You should expect the initial pain to improve within 2 to 6 weeks and your movements and function to also improve alongside this. 
  • Keeping active is an essential part of treatment and recovery and is the single best thing we can do for our health. Exercising can really help and reduce the pain we feel. Keep moving, even if slowly at first.  If self-isolating, this advice still applies. Further suggestions on how to exercise.
  • Keep living and getting back to normal routines, including work if appropriate.  If you have had to take time off work or stop certain activities because of the symptoms it is strongly recommended that you return to normal routines as quickly as possible during your recovery.
  • If movements and activities hurt at first, consider a gradual return and/or doing more manageable activities and building up as your symptoms and confidence improve.  If at work, consider speaking to your employers about any work concerns that you may have and where they can support you with your recovery.
  • Don’t sit down for too long, change positions regularly wherever you are.
  • Avoid bed rest during the day.
Moving will make you stronger, keeping active is the best thing you can do


See below for further advice and information