Children and Young People

Issue Date:
Expiry Date:
ABUHB/PIU:889/3 Admission to Hospital - Are you 16 – 18 years old Dec 2018 Dec 2021
ABUHB/PIU:1221/2 Antibiotics - Your Baby is on Antibiotics - Information for Parents July 2018 July 2021
ABUHB/PIU:902/3 Asthma Action Plan for Children Nov 2018 Nov 2021
ABUHB/PIU:076/3 Circumcision - Information for Parents of Children Undergoing Circumcision Nov 2018 Nov 2021
ABUHB/PIU:751/3 Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV) - Ponseti Treatment for CTEV Apr 2018 Apr 2021
  Consent in Healthcare for Children and Young People in Wales    
ABUHB/PIU:080/3 Discharge Advice for Parents of Children who have had an Adenoidectomy Nov 2018 Nov 2021
ABUHB/PIU:261/4 Epilepsy - Information for Parents and Carers about Epilepsy Apr 2019 Apr 2022
ABUHB/PIU:260/4 Epilepsy - Information for the Administration of Rectal Diazepam by Parents or Carers Apr 2019 Apr 2022
ABUHB/PIU:075/3 Myringotomy - Information for Parents of Children who have had a Myringotomy with - without Grommets Dec 2018 Dec 2021
ABUHB/PIU:1178/2 Neonatal Physiotherapy Service Apr 2018 Apr 2021
ABUHB/PIU:598/3 Paediatric High Dependency Ward - D6 West - Information for Parents Dec 2018 Dec 2021
ABUHB/PIU:621/2 Parental Responsibility - Children's Physiotherapy Apr 2018 Apr 2021
ABUHB/PIU:619/3 Physiotherapy for Children From Birth to 18 years Mar 2018 Mar 2021
ABUHB/PIU:965/4 Physiotherapy - Left-Sided Congenital Muscular Torticollis Jan 2018 Jan 2021
ABUHB/PIU:966/4 Physiotherapy - Right-Sided Congenital Muscular Torticollis Jan 2018 Jan 2021
ABUHB/PIU:993/3 Plagiocephaly (Flattening of the Head) - Children's Physiotherapy Service July 2017 July 2020
ABUHB/PIU:1212/2 Moving On - Transition Leaflet for Young People with Epilepsy May 2018 May 2021
ABUHB/EXPIU:1327/1 Treatment planning and consent for children and young people with cardiac conditions