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Falls Prevention Awareness Week 20-24th September 2021


Join us for the Falls Prevention Awareness Week 20-24th September 2021. This week promotes a campaign to increase awareness around falls and injury prevention and continue the conversation to promote healthy aging.


Falling is not a given consequence of aging, we need to minimise the risks by doing the right exercises, making homes safer, getting regular health check-ups, and more. By using these steps we can support our communities to stay safer and reduce the risk of falls. Taking action to address the risks of falling is an important way to stay healthy and promote a greater degree of  independence.


Falls prevention activities are beneficial to everyone across their lifespan, and they can be fun!  


Let’s keep the conversations going, let’s use the power of good communication to engage families, friends, care givers and all sectors within our communities to help us to help them. We are all partners and participants in falls prevention, we are a team who can collectively make a difference. Let’s reduce the numbers of admissions as a result of a fall and for those who are inpatients lets support them to return home. 


For information please see below some useful resources: