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Sugar Awareness Week

This week we take a look at sugar. The British Dietetic Association fact sheet on the subject is a good place to start too understand more.

Many of us consume too much sugar in our food and drinks. Often this is because we don’t notice how much sugar is in the food and drinks we buy and because sugars can be “hidden” in all sorts of foods that you wouldn’t expect. 

Small amounts of sugar in the diet, for example used to sweeten foods is generally fine. However, eating and drinking too much sugar can increase the risk of unwanted weight gain and tooth decay. 
The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) recommends that free sugars should not exceed 5% of daily calorie (energy) intake.  This is roughly:

  • 19g or 5 sugar cubes for children aged four to six.
  • 24g or 6 sugar cubes for children aged seven to ten.
  • 30g or 7 sugar cubes for anyone aged 11 or over.

For more information on understanding food labels, ideas on how to reduce your sugar intake and more information on how sugar in the diet can affect health check out the British Dietetic Association food fact sheet.

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