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Supporting Welsh Language Rights Day

Monday 7th December

Today, Monday 7th December, we as a Health Board are supporting the #maegenihawl Welsh Language Rights Day, where we are promoting some of the Welsh language services that we offer to our patients and staff as part of their Welsh Language Rights.

Communicating with a patient in their preferred language when they are at their most vulnerable can make a world of difference to them. For those whose first language is Welsh, offering them treatment in their preferred language can minimise distress and greatly improve their experience as a patient.

We have Welsh speaking staff members working in many sites across our Health Board, from our Hospitals and GP Surgeries, to our Health Centres and Dental Practices.

Welsh speaking staff members are all happy to provide you with Welsh-medium care as part of your #WelshLanguageRights

Meet Nia. Nia works at our Referral and Booking Centre, and is able to provide a Welsh Language service to our patients over the phone.

Did you know that we have Welsh medium Social Media accounts? You can follow us on the handles below:

                                  - Facebook: @BwrddIechydAneurinBevan

                                  - Instagram: @bipaneurinbevan

                                  - Twitter: @BIPAneurinBevan

                                  - YouTube: @BIPAneurinBevan


Our website is also fully bilingual- go to or click 'cymraeg' in the top right hand corner when on our English website.

Remember, if you want to contact us in Welsh, we will answer you in Welsh.



Visit the Welsh Language Commissioner's website for more information about your Welsh Language Rights.