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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week- 17-23 January 2022

Monday 17th January 2022

It's Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and it's important to know which signs and symptoms of Cervical Cancer to look out for.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Vaginal bleeding that's unusual for you- after menopause, between regular periods or after sex
  • Unexplained pain in your lower back or between your hip bones (pelvis)
  • Pain or discomfort during sex
  • Changes to vaginal discharge

These symptoms will not usually lead to cervical cancer, but if you are experiencing any of the above, it’s important to contact your GP. Please don't wait until your smear test appointment to discuss these symptoms- contact your GP as soon as you notice them.

For more information or support, visit the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust website or call the Jo’s Trust helpline on 0808 802 8000.