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Unpaid Carers Service Saved from Closure

The Gwent Regional Carers Partnership Board is pleased to announce that the Gwent Carers Hub, based in Torfaen, remains open despite the announcement of closure of ‘The Care Collective’ at the end of March 2024.

Partner organisations in Gwent worked together to ensure that carer support services could continue to be offered from 1st April 2024. The Gwent Regional Carers Partnership Board identified a range of third sector providers in Gwent to offer a partnership arrangement to continue offering these essential services for carers.

As a result, existing staff delivering carers projects were given the opportunity to stay and continue to offer support for carers. Third sector organisation Adferiad was successful in continuing to support carers projects and programmes at the Gwent Carers Hub on an interim basis, while longer term solutions are considered.

All other carer support respite services have been effectively reviewed and carer support continued where applicable by the five local authorities in Gwent.

The delivery of partnerships and carers groups at the Gwent Carers Hub have also continued seamlessly without pause.

Jason O’Brien, Chair of the Gwent Regional Carers Partnership Board, said: “The efforts that have gone into ensuring services have been consistently delivered during a time of unforeseen uncertainty is a fantastic example of partnership working.

“All services and agencies have remained focussed on the needs of highly valued unpaid carers within the Gwent region.

“The Gwent Regional Carers Partnership Board is committed to delivering and further developing its activities and we will continue to invest in and protect carers support services in Gwent moving forward.

“We are keen to see a greater enhanced partnership arrangement with the third sector and we have plans ahead to make sure that the hub continues to offer carers support for all carers across Gwent.”