Clinical Futures – Caring For You and Your Future

Clinical Futures is the Health Board’s plan for sustainable health and care services for the whole of the NHS across the Gwent area.
Our aim is to provide safe, high quality care and deliver as much of this at home, or as close to home, as possible. As a Health Board, we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the population we serve, reduce health inequalities, and ensure the sustainability of our NHS healthcare system.
We've already made some major changes to the way we deliver our services - and you may have already experienced receiving your health care in a different way. We've moved a number of services closer to where you live. We will continue to change the way we deliver our services, making sure the patients are at the centre of everything we do and every decision we make.
On these pages you can find out more about how our Clinical Futures programme is changing the way healthcare is delivered in Gwent.

Why Do Our NHS Services Need To Change?

As a result of the advances in healthcare, many of us are now living longer and leading much more active lives.
Understandably, aging can result in a range of illnesses and health challenges. The Health Board is now treating more people than ever before and as a result we need to change how we care for and support people to better meet these changing needs.
In order to maintain safe and sustainable services for local communities, we need to have the right staff in the right place to offer the very highest standards of care for our patients.

Our New Model of Healthcare

The below graphic gives an overview of how our healthcare system will look once we have realised the ‘Clinical Futures’ vision: