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Director of Public Health Report: Our Future, Our Voice: Babies, Children and Young People of Gwent


About the report

"Each year Directors of Public Health produce an annual report that tells the story about the health of their population. These reports are traditionally quite formal documents. This year, following the past four years, I wanted it to be different. For it to be written by the children of Gwent about the children of Gwent. This is another opportunity to hear about the impacts of the pandemic and to understand what health means to our young people.

This further contributes to the work we are doing to tackle inequalities towards a fairer, safer, stronger and healthier Gwent as part of our ongoing Marmot Region work. With this report we are amplifying the voices of babies, children and young people. I wanted to understand the legacy the pandemic has left and the impact on our children.

Our report will share personal experiences from children and inspire thought on what we can do to make Gwent a place where our babies, children and young people can flourish. The report culminates in an open letter, collated from what has been shared. This will inform the Babies, Childrens and Young People’s Strategy we will be developing over the coming months". 

Tracy Daszkiewicz,
Director of Public Health, Gwent

A message from Tracy Daszkiewicz