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Exercising Safely

Safety is essential when engaging in physical activity to prevent injury or accidents.

Some tips for promoting safety when exercising:

  • Be cautious if exercising at night or in dimly lit areas, consider wearing high-vis or reflective gear so that traffic and vehicles can easily spot you.
  • Be mindful of wearing headphones or listening to music when exercising outside of your home, as this may distract you from hearing important noises.
  • Try to warm-up sufficiently before engaging in high-intensity exercise to prevent injury.
  • Similarly, take time to cool down after exercise before you stop moving completely – try and spend a few minutes stretching to prevent injury.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated to make up for water lost through sweat during exercise.
  • Wear lightweight, light-coloured clothing as this will absorb less heat and help keep you cooler when exercising.
  • Consider the weather conditions if exercising outdoors - wear a hat and sunglasses to reduce your sun exposure, and apply sun cream regularly if needed.