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New "One Stop" Diagnostic Service Opens at the Grange University Hospital

Monday 5th December

A new Rapid Diagnostic Clinic has opened at the Grange University Hospital. Providing a new pathway for patients who visit their GP with “Vague Symptoms” who do not fit into existing suspected cancer pathways.  They are referred to the clinic by a GP, where they can receive rapid diagnosis and a treatment plan.

"Patients that currently don't have a pathway now have somewhere to go. They can get diagnosed earlier, in one stop, so they'll have all their tests and have their review in one go. There's less waiting, less uncertainty and they can be referred on from this point to the right teams" said Chris Williams, Consultant Radiologist & Clinical lead for RDC.


These symptoms can sometimes include tiredness and weight loss amongst other symptoms that may be hard to diagnose towards a certain pathway.

On referral patients will typically attend the centre within 7-14 days. They will usually undergo a CT scan and an appointment with a physician to discuss diagnosis and treatment on the same day.

The service was setup at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic at St Joseph's Hospital and has now been continued at the Grange to provide a one-stop service, providing a less fragmented experience for patients.

This new service provides an important pathway for patients supported by dedicated radiologists, nurses, GPs and physicians from different specialities provide diverse support for patients going through this pathway.

The hope is that the service will improve the patient experience and decrease the time between first symptoms and treatment if needed.

"I think it's a wonderful service for the patients. The hope is that we can provide this service and diagnose & treat more people earlier, improving the health of our population" Chris continued.