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Introducing Aneura...

We would like to introduce to you… ‘Aneura in a Visor’, our Covid Safety Advisor who will be communicating key messages to our members of staff and the public about following infection control guidelines, including; wearing PPE, handwashing and social distancing.

You may see Aneura if you visit one of our hospitals, as there will be posters of our Covid Safety Advisor in each of our hospitals.

It is just as important for our patients and the public to follow these rules as it is for our staff to help us #StopTheSpread

Take a look at the following videos which demonstrate the importance of social distancing and hand washing, and the measures that our staff are putting into place to protect themselves, our patients, our colleagues and the public.

There are a number of NHS staff who have experienced the devastating effects of Covid-19. For example, some have contracted the virus and needed mechanical ventilation, some have been unable to visit relatives in hospital and some staff have lost family members, not being with them when they were dying, as visiting restrictions at that time did not allow it.

Follow the links below to see how devastating the effects of Covid-19 have made on some of our staff.