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Newsletters will provide information about what is happening in each locality within Integrated Wellbeing Networks.
There will also be updates on events that have taken place during the quarter and announcements on future events.
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Launch of Integrated Well-being Networks Transformation Programme

A launch event for the Integated Well-being Networks Transformation Programme was held on 30th April 2019 at the Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran. The objectives of the Integrated Well-being Networks Programme and the new team were introduced to wider partners in each locality. The event was attended by over a 100 people.
The event offered a great opportunity for sharing plans to implement Integrated Well-being Networks and ideas of how we can collaborate and work in partnership to embed Integrated Well-being Networks across Gwent. The day gave us and our partners an opportunity to welcome the new members of the team who will be responsible for progressing the implementation of the Integrated Well-being Networks within their respective localities.

Read the following presentations delivered on the day:


Integrated Well-Being Launch Montage