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Our 3rd Sector Partners, Growing Space.


Growing Space is a registered mental health charity founded in 1992, specialising in supporting individuals with mental ill health, autism, or a learning disability. We help to build their confidence, develop social skills, and improve their quality of life.

As an organisation, with 28 years of experience, Growing Space recognises that social exclusion is often experienced by people with mental ill health.  Growing Space therefore really makes a difference in getting people back into society, reducing social isolation and loneliness, and combating the stigma associated with mental ill health, autism, or a learning disability by concentrating upon each participant’s ability and not inability.

What’s been happening so far?

The Growing Space Mental Health Peer Mentor Service in the Emergency Department at the Grange University Hospital (GUH Front Door MH Sanctuary service) commenced in December 2021, the team support individuals who are waiting in the Emergency Department of the Grange University Hospital and need some support or comfort, this includes people who present in general distress stating their issues were recent onset and worsened by the pandemic.

The team has been welcomed by staff and patients alike and have already become established with regular requests for support coming from outside of the Clinical Liaison Team. They have developed a great working relationship with the Crisis team members and continue to learn from them with each shift and provide mutual support to each other, calling on each of their skills to provide the best outcomes for people. Furthermore, the collaboration with colleagues in the Emergency Department promotes the benefits of integrated working relationships including supporting each other in identifying people that may benefit from Peer Mentors support whilst in the ED waiting areas (including the individuals who are not waiting for mental health clinical assessment but of whom are upset or require some comfort), relationships and trust has been built.

Find out more about Growing Space and their amazing work here: Growing Space - Mental Health Training Wales