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Referral to Children's Services

Referral to the speech and language therapy service for children is best done using our referral form. 

Who can refer?

Anyone can refer to the Children’s Teams by completing the relevant referral form online or download, print and send to the address provided on the form.  However, we will need certain information which you may need to get from your Health Visitor, Teacher or Consultant.  You may wish to ask someone to complete the referral form for you, for example your health visitor, teacher or doctor.  Remember though, you do not have to go to your GP first.

If you have any questions about how to refer, please e-mail


IMPORTANT - Referral Criteria

You may find it useful to read our Speech and Language Referral Criteria to make sure your referral meets the service referral criteria.  This document also includes a useful check list for referrers.      


Referral forms for children

Click on the links below to download the referral forms:


What information should I include?

Make sure that you complete all sections of the form. It is important that you identify the effect on the life of your child of the communication difficulty.

Think about what you would like to change and what is most important to change right now.  Say what you want to achieve from speech and language therapy.  This will need commitment from you.

We are unable to accept a referral which is incomplete and/or does not have consent from the parent or guardian.