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Parents and Carers

The School Nursing Team provides a confidential service for children and young people.

We ensure your childs physical and emotional needs are met, working in partnership with other agencies to achieve this.

As part of the Healthy Child Wales Programme 0-5 we offer a school entry review for children in Reception year.

We offer school based vaccinations to school age children at various points in your child’s school life.

It is important to remember that School Nursing is not an emergency service and if you have urgent concerns about your child you should choose well contacting your GP or NHS Direct.

Contacting Us

You can self refer by contacting us or ask your school.  

Useful Links

Dewis Cymru the place for information about well-being in Wales

Connect Service Information

Connect is a Gwent-wide team of health care professionals working together to support children, young people and their families to manage their weight, improve their physical and emotional health and assess/treat complications of obesity.