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What have you told us?

Your feedback is important to us. We want to hear about people’s experiences: good, bad and everything in between. A few examples of the feedback some of our communities have given us can be seen here:


Risca Library 05/12/2022 – “Thank you so much to the Urology department at The Royal Gwent Hospital for the treatment of my husband’s prostate cancer. The treatment he received was superb and the staff are nothing short of amazing.” 


Blaenavon World Heritage Library 06/01/2023 – “My daughter and I had a long wait to be seen at The Grange University Hospital, however, when we were seen we were relieved to have a proper diagnosis from the incredible staff that work there.” 


Newport 50+ Forum 28/11/2022– “There is an excellent triage system in place at St Brides Medical Practice in Duffryn which means that anyone needing a face to face appointment can get one the same day.” 


Jill Rundle, Monmouthshire Lead for Women’s Institute - “I received your email about the Be Mindful app and then I had to pop to the church to meet with one of the WI groups. I shared it with the group and one lady asked for the details before I could even share them! They really liked the idea of it.”