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Older Adult Mental Health

Our Older Adult Mental Health team provide services for older adults across Gwent. The team offer a range of services from Memory Assessment services, Community Mental Health support and inpatient facilities.

The team also provide the OAPL service. OAPL stands for Older Adult Psychiatric Liaison. They are a specialist multidisciplinary mental health team working in ABUHB hospitals to support patients with mental health problems/concerns, during their assessment, diagnosis and treatment. This programme is funded by the Welsh Government and involves mental health liaison predominantly for older people.

The OAPL teams operate from two main sites, Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport and Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny. From these sites, the team also cover the surrounding rehab hospitals as needs are identified.  

The OAPL service offer a compassionate, person-centred and non-judgemental service to patients suffering from mental health problems aged 65 and over, who are attending A&E, MAU or are inpatients in hospital. The team will also see younger people if they are presenting with cognitive problems (not caused by delirium or acute intoxication).