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Mental Health and Learning Disabilities


Mental Health Services within Aneurin Bevan University Health Board cover community and in-patient settings. Our focused service is dedicated to supporting the Welsh Government Strategy "Together for Mental Health".

1 in 4 people will experience some form of Mental Health condition in their lifetime.

Mental Health disorders such as depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction and memory problems are very common in general hospitals.  Research has shown that they are often not recognised or treated.

2 in 3 older adults admitted to a general hospital have, or may develop, Mental Health issues during their admission.

Untreated Mental Health issues can lead to longer hospital admissions and poorer overall physical health in Hospital inpatients.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Mental Health condition or are supporting someone who has, please speak to your registered health professional about any problems or concerns. If you think you may need support or diagnosis, please contact your GP.


What we do

We have always worked in collaboration, co-creating services with many engaged agencies, such as our charity and local authority colleagues.

Our staff and service users have a long-term vision for increasing community care and shared care models. 

We are continuously raising public awareness across all services regarding mental health issues, which affect 1 in 4 people.

We have community teams, primary mental health services and inpatient settings. We manage specialist services such as addictions, plus many more.

Mental Health services embrace the recovery philosophy.

We have a record of achieving what we set out to do to ensure the best care provision for service users and carers.

Reducing stigma is simply what it is all about.