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Class 2: What we spend and how we spend it

Class two includes information on:
Annual statement of accounts, budgets and variance reports
Financial audit reports
Standing Financial Instructions
Capital programme
Staff and Board members' allowances and expenses
Staff pay and grading structures
Procurement and tendering
List and value of contracts awarded
Financial Statement, budgets and variance reports
Annual accounts for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board are approved by the Board annually.  This takes place in early June of each year. The full annual accounts can be found in the Key Documents of our website. 
Detailed Financial Performance reports providing details of the funding received and the expenditure made by the Health Board, together with budgets and variances are submitted to the Board at each meeting.  Reports on Financial performance can be found in the Board Meeting Dates and Papers section of our website. 
Further information on NHS budgets can be found on the Budgets and Charges page on the Health in Wales website. 
Details of items of expenditure over £30,000 (monthly) will be published shortly however if you require this information in the meantime, please submit a request via our Board Secretary.
The Health Board delegates a number of responsibilities to the Audit Committee which provides an independent and objective view relating to:
The effective operation of internal financial control matters such as the safeguarding of assets.
The maintenance of proper accounting records.
The reliability of financial information.
The Annual Governance Statement and the Annual Reports and Accounts are reported to the Board.
Independently monitoring, reviewing and reporting to the Board on the processes of governance.
The duties of the Audit Committee also include providing assurance to the Board on governance, risk management, counter fraud and internal control; ensuring that there is an effective internal audit function; and reviewing the work and findings of the External Auditor. 
The Audit Committee’s full Terms of Reference can be found in the Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions part of the ‘Your Health Board’ section of our website. 
The Audit Committee meets bi-monthly and progress reports of the meetings are submitted to the Board and can be found in the Board Meeting Dates and Papers section of our website.
The Health Board is required to publish Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) which detail the financial responsibilities, policies and procedures adopted by the Health Board. 
SFIs are designed to ensure that the Health Board's financial transactions are carried out in accordance with the law and with Government policy in order to achieve probity, accuracy, economy, efficiency and effectiveness. SFIs also identify the financial responsibilities which apply to everyone working for the Health Board.
The Health Board follows the guidance issued by Welsh Government regarding capital programmes. Information on previous capital programmes is included within the Health Board’s Key Documents section of the website.
Staff and Board Members are entitled to claim allowances and expenses in respect of their travel and subsistence while on Health Board business.  Details of the Health Board’s Directors and Independent Members’ allowances and expenses are published in the Annual Accounts.
The salaries paid to Directors and Independent Members by the Health Board are made available through the Health Board’s Annual Report for each year.
Salaries paid to other staff of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board are determined in accordance with Agenda for Change.
Further information on NHS Pay and conditions can be found on the Pay and Conditions Resources Page on the Health in Wales website.
The Health Board receives all of its operational funding from the Welsh Government.  Further information on funding can be found in the Health Board's Annual Report and the Annual Accounts which can be found in the Key documents section of our website.
Since April 2011, the procurement function of the Health Board is undertaken through a partnership arrangement by the Procurement Services arm of the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
All details relating to procurement and tendering procedures for the acquisition of goods and services are set out in the Health Board’s Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs). Further details of the procurement and tendering procedures are available on the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership website.  
The UHB Estates/Design Department also operate an approved Contractors (Building and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering) list for all Discretionary Capital Projects undertaken up to the value of £1m.  All schemes are in-line with Standing Financial Instructions and the Health Board's Scheme Data Pack/Quality Assurance System.
Details of contract programmes undertaken by the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership can be found on the Shared Services Partnership - Procurement website or upon request to
Once tenders are awarded a formal ‘contract award notice’ is published through the OJEU.
The Health Board also has its own local tender register which will contain a record of certain estate agreements.  This is available to view on request.  This can be arranged by emailing Rani Dash, Director of Corporate Governance.