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Sun Awareness

Please access the below resources for further education on sun awareness and how protect your skin.

The Five S’s of Sun Safety:

The Sunscreen Factsheet:

Sun Safety Measures for Children & Babies:

We also promote a ‘Sun Awareness Week’ across all our sites, this usually takes place in May each year.


Sunscreen – what to look for?

  • SPF 30 and above
  • UVA star rating of 4/5 stars (look on the back of sunscreen bottles)
  • No sunscreen can provide 100% protection
    -meaning you should also follow other sun safety measures.    
  • Choose a sunscreen that suits your skin
    – this will encourage you to apply more regularly.         



The UV Index

The UV Index highlights how strong the suns’ rays are – the higher the UV value, the greater the risk of burning and the less time it takes to damage your skin. (Cancer Research UK, 2021).

 If UV is 3 or above, think about sun protection. In the UK, the highest risk months of sunburn are between March and October. The sun’s UV rays are strongest between 11am – 3pm (Cancer Research UK, 2021).     


TIP: Some smartphones show the daily UV Index on the WEATHER APP