Public Engagement / Consultation

Monmouth market
“The Health Board places a strong commitment on listening to and acting on the views of citizens in Gwent.  Having strong relationships with people is key to how we do business and indeed how we may influence how people look after themselves and use our services when they need them.  We know that people are more open with us in spaces that are familiar to them, within their own communities and outside of a patient/clinician contact, where the relationship is very different.  We also know people prefer a localised discussion, one they can be comfortable in and one which has relevance.  We have heard the voices of over 20’000 people in the past few years and have a rich picture of the narrative of communities’ right across Gwent.  We would like to share some of that with you and will be using these pages to do so”
Claire Harding, Associate Director of Engagement

Engagement is about involving local people and organisations in the work of the Health Board, with a view to ensuring people receive information; are able to provide feedback on services they may have used; and to influence the future development of services in their area and making sure citizen view feeds into how, when and where healthcare services are provided.  

On these pages you will find out where the Health Board is engaging, what topics are raised and what consultations or opportunities to influence services are available, you will also find information on our engagement events, our general community discussions and many things that people ask us about.
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