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Physiotherapy Maternity - Postnatal

During pregnancy and childbirth, your body undergoes many changes. Some of these changes may affect your joints, muscles, posture, and the way that you move. 

The Pelvic Floor Muscles, which support the pelvic organs, keep us continent of urine and faeces, and provide stability to the spine and pelvis. They can become stretched, lengthened and weakened following pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth can also impact the way that your bladder and bowel’s function.

Examples of symptoms following childbirth may include; urine leakage when you cough or sneeze, you may need to empty your bladder and/or bowel more frequently and more urgently, and you may have constipation.

Depending on the nature of your birth, you may experience discomfort following a perineal/vaginal tear or caesarean section scar, you may also experience pain when you resume sexual intercourse.

Some women can also experience low back and pelvic pain following childbirth.

These symptoms can be common postnatally; however, it is not normal for these symptoms to persist.

Below is further information and resources to help you understand these changes, and to help you find ways of managing any subsequent symptoms that you might experience after birth.

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