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Digital and BSL version of successful Young Carers book launched to celebrate Carers Rights Day!

Thursday 25th November 2021

Young Carers provide an incredible contribution to society and in Gwent, we are keen to ensure they are supported across various settings in their caring roles. We work in partnership with Carers, Local Authorities, Community Health Councils and the Third Sector to support unpaid carers of all ages.


In recognition of Carers Rights Day on 25th November, the Gwent Carers Regional Partnership Board is proud to support the launch of a digital and BSL version of the successful Young Carers book 'It’s Cool to Care.'


We worked collaboratively with Petra Publishing and the Wales Council for Deaf people to create this version of the book to reach more young carers across our region.


Printed copies of the book can be purchased from



Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan said: “I am delighted to support the launch of the online versions of “It’s Cool to Care” which now offer British Sign Language (BSL) to help young deaf carers enjoy this lovely story. We are committed to making sure the contribution of young carers and their kindness and effort in supporting their family member is greatly appreciated and recognised.”


Gaye Hampton, Wales Council for Deaf People said: ‘’It’s Cool to Care is a delightful book and we were so pleased that we had been asked to create the BSL to accompany the story. It is a wonderful opportunity for young deaf carers to be able to see and understand that they are not alone.’’ 


Written by young carers themselves, this book is based on real life young carers experiences. The book is set in a jungle where young Jack who is a parrot, experiences some misadventures when looking after and protecting his little sister Thelma. The rolling emotions of love, care, danger, courage, acceptance and friendships gives confidence to others in the jungle to support one another and prove that they are not alone in caring and that being different is just simply amazing.


Tracy Wallbank, Petra Publishing said: ‘’It was a privilege for Petra Publishing to be involved in spreading such an important message about young carers. The youngsters were a pleasure to work with and it wasn’t always easy without face-to-face contact. We hope that the end result takes the message far and wide. You really are not alone, and caring is what makes us special.

This project was truly inspirational in every way as, in addition to working with the young carers to write the storybook, we also had the pleasure of working alongside two hard of hearing translators from Wales Council for Deaf People, to produce a digitally signed version of the story."


“You don’t have to be a young carer to enjoy this book. Anyone can read it, listen to it or view it and it will help get you thinking about young carers.”


Naheed Ashraf, Regional Carers Programme Lead said: “Young Carers have been phenomenal in writing this book. A wonderful and heart-warming story with colourful illustrations. A story with hidden life lessons and a meaningful message. It really is cool to care! “


Digital and BSL versions of 'It's Cool to Care' can be accessed via the zapper code on the book or by accessing the Gwent Regional Partnership Board YouTube account.