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Eye Department & Clinic

The Ophthalmology Unit Royal Gwent Hospital

The unit covers 2 floors and includes an 8 bed ward, a Theatre Day Case Unit with 2 theatres, an Emergency Eye Clinic, and Pre-assessment Clinic and Out patient’s Clinics. As a speciality Ophthalmology sits under the umbrella of scheduled care.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board serves an estimated population of 639,000 people (around 21% of the population of Wales). The Ophthalmology directorate covers all areas of the Health Board caring for both adult and paediatric patients.

Ophthalmology Unit Nursing Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide high quality, person centred, evidence based care within a clean, organised and efficient department with happy, friendly and supportive staff while understanding the challenges that we face balancing resources and increasing demand and using the principles of prudent healthcare to improve our service.








Our Team Nursing Teams

Our Senior Nurse is Samantha Bright and the 6 nursing areas within the department at the Royal Gwent are managed by Sister Nicola Neesam.




Eye Outpatients Department

Telephone number: 01633 238412

Eye outpatients is located on floor 1 (1st floor)of E Block RGH and is most easily accessed at the rear of the hospital, at the Friars entrance where patients can be directed to drop off point at level 0. Consultant and nurse led clinics run in the department including minor operation and laser clinics.

Clinic manager is Sister Caroline Thomas who works alongside a team of Nurse practitioners, registered nurses and health care support workers to provide ophthalmic outpatient care and treatments. We also have Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLO’ S) who work in the department to support patients and signpost to services.

Just a few tips if it is your first visit:

  • We would advise all patients attending eye clinic to be prepared for the doctor to have prescribed eye drops to dilate the pupils and allow examination of the back of the eye. These will blur your vision and make it difficult for you to focus and you will be unable to drive for at least 4-6 hours following the drops until your vision has returned to normal. This means that you will need to bring someone with you who can drive or help you get home safely. If for medical reasons you are unable to travel by car or public transport to the hospital for your outpatient appointment please use the following telephone number which will connect you free of charge with the South East Wales patient transport booking centre: 0800 32 82 332
  • Following dilation bright lights will be uncomfortable and we recommend wearing sunglasses to reduce discomfort, also to take extra care when walking around to reduce risk of falling and do not operate machinery until vision has returned to normal.
  • The clinics can be extremely busy with up to 8 different clinics running during one morning or afternoon session and up to 200 patients a day being seen on RGH site. We do keep appointments to time order however if there are clinical complications clinics may run at different times and it may be that some have longer waits than others. Nursing staff will always try to keep patients who are waiting informed of any delays however we would encourage patients to discuss any concerns with the nurse allocated to the clinic they are attending.
  • Clinic visits can be lengthy with tests and treatments being done on the day when possible rather than another appointment requested. We would advise diabetic patients particularly attending appointments to bring a snack and essential medication such as insulin to prevent missing a dose.

If at any time before, during or following a visit to clinic you have any concerns please speak to a member of the nursing team. Feedback is always appreciated and we are very happy to help.

If you are waiting for an outpatients appointment and are concerned that you have not received a date the number to call with enquires is:

01495 765186 OPTION 1

If you are waiting for Laser treatment the number to call is

01495 765186 OPTION 2


Eye Pre- assessment clinic

Telephone number: 

Eye Pre - assessment clinic is located within the main Eye Outpatients Department where a team of Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioners and health care support workers assess patients for ophthalmic surgery liaising as necessary with medical, anaesthetic team’s waiting list and scheduling.

If you are waiting for a pre-assessment appointment and are concerned that you have not received a date the number to call with enquiries is

01495 765186 OPTION 2


Eye Ward

Telephone number: 01633 238414

The eye ward is located on floor 2 (2nd floor) of E block, RGH and again is most easily accessed at the rear of the hospital, at the Friars entrance where patients can be directed to drop off point at level 0.

Ward manager for the eye ward is Sister Liz Virrey who works alongside a team of registered nurses and health care support workers to provide care for patients requiring inpatient treatment

The eye ward has 8 beds and is open Sunday to Friday for elective and emergency ophthalmic patients also taking surgical outlying patients to support patient flow across the hospital site.

At weekends any ophthalmic patients who need inpatient care are nursed on the 5th floor surgical wards which also has facilities for eye examination in a fully equipped room on Ward D5 East.

Visiting times: 3:30 – 5.00pm and 7:00 – 8:00pm

Visiting outside of these times is at the discretion of the nurse in charge of the ward.

Protected mealtimes: 12:00 - 1:00pm and 5:30 - 6:30pm

Visiting and clinical interventions unless urgent are discouraged during meal times to encourage patients to relax, reduce distractions and encourage patients to eat. We also try to facilitate a quiet hour following lunch as far as is possible to encourage a period of rest but please feel free to discuss individual issues with the nurse in charge. Ward staff are available to give advice in the evenings and at night for ophthalmic patients who have concerns.