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Coping with my condition

Adjusting to a diagnosis, information, and condition-specific resources

Adjusting to a diagnosis and feeling different

Strategies and resources for both children/young people and parents/carers to support with adjusting to and talking about a physical health condition, feeling worried about a health condition, and feeling different.

All about me

A self-esteem tool to help children and young people think about their identity beyond living with a health condition


Giving information about my condition

Structured e-documents for children and young people to complete alongside their parent/carer to aid communicating important information about a physical health condition. These can be shared with anyone within your child or young person’s system (e.g teachers or medical and health professionals).


Condition Specific Resources

Check out resources and information below on specific medical conditions.


Chronic Fatigue


Chronic Pain






Other resources:

Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD)


Other resources:


Oncology – Cancer