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General Surgery

Issue Date:
Expiry Date:
ABUHB/PIU: 1401/1
Advice about eating and drinking prior to operation Sept 2023 Sept 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1639/1 Children attending for day case procedure March 2023 March 2026
ABUHB/PIU: 1425/1 Date of Admission for Surgery at the Royal Gwent Hospital Sept 2019 Sept 2022
ABUHB/PIU: 1400/1
Enhanced Recovery Programme for Colorectal Surgery Feb 2019 Feb 2022
ABUHB/PIU: 1414/1 Information regarding the day of your surgery at the Royal Gwent Hospital Apr 2019 Apr 2022
ABUHB/PIU: 1384/1 Mesh and your Hernia Repair “Helping you to make an informed choice" Sept 2023 Sept 2026
ABUHB/PIU: 244/2 Tonsillectomy in Children - Day Surgery Unit Nov 2018 Nov 2021