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Mental Health

Issue Date:
Expiry Date:
ABUHB/PIU:405/2 Adferiad Unit, St Cadoc's Hospital June 2018 June 2021
ABUHB/PIU:988/3 Carn-y-Cefn Ward Information Aug 2019 Aug 2022
ABUHB/PIU:1422/1 Ty Cyfannol Ward Information Leaflet Aug 2019 Aug 2022
  Aneurin Bevan Specialist Drug & Alcohol Service    
ABUHB/PIU:1513/1 Acamprosate Information Sheet Dec 2020 Dec 2023
ABUHB/PIU:1515/2 Alcohol Detoxification and Withdrawal Dec 2023 Dec 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1516/2 Analgesics - A guide for patients being treated for dependence on Opioid Painkillers Dec 2023 Dec 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1514/1 Baclofen for maintenance treatment of alcohol dependence Dec 2020 Dec 2023
ABUHB/PIU:1517/2 Blood borne virus testing explained Dec 2023 Dec 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1519/2 Naltrexone - Patient Information Dec 2023 Dec 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1512/2 Poor Sleep – what is it and what can I do? Dec 2023 Dec 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1518/2 Thiamine Dec 2023 Dec 2026
  Useful Information    
ABUHB/PIU:516/3 Talygarn Ward, Talygarn Unit, County Hospital July 2018 July 2021
  Useful Websites    
  National Centre for Mental Health and Medication Wales (Opens in new window)