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Gwent Parent Infant Mental Health Service (G-PIMHS)

What is G-PIMHS?

We are a specialist team who provide expertise in supporting and strengthening the important relationships between babies and their parent/carer(s). We work closely with families through thoughtful prevention and early intervention to give every baby the best start in life. We work together with all the services around a family to support the early relationship and promote emotional well-being.


What is Parent-Infant Mental Health?

The first 1000 days of life is a time of unique opportunity of growth and development. During this time babies’ brains are shaped by the relationships they have with their parent/carer(s). Difficulties in early relationships can have a lasting impact on a child’s development. During infancy, babies are unable to talk about their feelings and needs, but communicate these in different ways, which are sometimes hard to understand.


What can we help with?

We see expectant parents and new parents who may be experiencing difficulties feeling emotionally connected to their baby for a variety of reasons including:

- Traumatic birth or stressful pregnancy

- Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or low

- Previous losses or significant losses during pregnancy

- Finding you are worrying too much

- Other concerns you may have around your relationship with your baby


What can I expect?

The person working with you, like your health visitor or GP, will ask if you would like support from our team. If you agree they will talk with one of us to help us understand a little more about you and your infant. Together we can then decide on the most helpful next steps for you and your family.


Contact our team

You can email us on: