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Child and Family Psychology and Therapies

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Phone: 01633 436996
Llwyn Onn, St Cadocs Hospital, Caerleon, NP18 3XQ


Gwent Child and Family Psychology and Therapies Service (CFPTS) is home to Psychologists, Family therapists and Child Development Advisors. These professionals work into a variety of settings and teams; supported by the admin team at Llwyn Onn in St Cadocs.

CFPTS promotes the emotional well-being and mental health of babies, children, young people, families and the communities and services who support them. It achieves this in many ways including consultations with other services, training in the community and direct therapeutic work with children, young people and families.

The interventions are based on a psychological formulation of a child, family or system which outlines the best course of care. Our interventions are targeted to empower the trusted adults in children's lives to feel confident in the power of their relationship to effect change.

Core Values

A focus on the child’s psychological development and emotional well-being underpins all our work. As a service we take a child centered approach to care.

Children live and grow in a wide range of families, care settings, schools, and communities. Our role is to work alongside the people in children’s lives to support children's psychological development and to help them to thrive.

To achieve our goal of supporting all systems around the child, we work into several different settings and alongside multiple agencies.

Team Sites

Key Contacts

  • Joint Heads of Service – Rachel Williams & Gemma Burns
  • Business & Service Improvement Manager – Kieran Sharratt
  • Admin Team Lead & PA to Head of Service – Susan Whitehouse
  • Leads for Psychological Practices – Gemma Burns & Emma Thomas
  • Lead for Paediatric Psychology – Anne Johnson
  • Lead for Gwent Attachment Service (GAS) – Lynn McDonnell
  • Lead for Child & Family Community Psychology – Rhiannon Cobner
  • Lead for Cynefin – Rhiannon Cobner
  • Lead for Psychology into Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) – Emma Thomas
  • Lead for South East Wales Adoption Service (SEWAS) – Mel Turpin
  • Lead for My Support Team (MyST) – Alice Davies
  • Lead for Children with Additional Needs (CANs) – Jennifer McElwee
  • Lead for Family Intervention Team (FIT) – Jael Hill