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Speech and Language Therapy

Issue Date:
Expiry Date:
ABUHB/PIU:578/4 Children with Feeding Difficulties - Speech and Language Therapy Aug 2019 Aug 2022
ABUHB/PIU:1631/1 Dribbling - How to Help Jan 2023 Jan 2026
ABUHB/PIU:887/3 Hearing Impairment Team for Children Dec 2018 Dec 2021
ABUHB/PIU:579/6 Helping Children who Stammer Dec 2020 Dec 2023
ABUHB/PIU:581/4 Helping your Child Learn about Language Dec 2018 Dec 2021
ABUHB/PIU:928/3 Helping your Child with Unclear Speech Dec 2018 Dec 2021
ABUHB/PIU:627/6 How to Care for your Voice Jan 2020 Jan 2023
ABUHB/PIU:1259/2 Information for Parents Carers - Helping your child to stop using a dummy April 2019 April 2022
ABUHB/PIU:815/5 It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program for Parents Mar 2021 Mar 2024
ABUHB/PIU:1632/1 Moving on to Lumpy Food Jan 2023 Jan 2026
ABUHB/PIU:1475/1 Swallowing Problems after Intubation June 2020 June 2023