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Haematology Nurse Specialists Win Leukaemia Care Medical Champion Award

Wednesday 1st November 2023

A huge congratulations to the ABUHB Haematology Nurse Specialists, who have been presented with a Medical Champion Award from Leukaemia Care at their annual Volunteer Awards in the Houses of Parliament!

The team won the award in recognition of the Chronic Blood Cancer Group that was set up set up in collaboration with Leukaemia care in July 2018 to support patients and their families.

The Haematology Clinical Nursing Specialist team said:

"We recognised that this patient group often experience uncertainty and fear after diagnosis or living with an incurable cancer that may not require immediate treatment.

"Initially the meetings were 3 monthly, on a face-to-face basis, however due to the pandemic the meetings switched to teams, in order to continue the much-needed support to clinically vulnerable patients. Unfortunately, as many of our patients are older, the attendance on TEAMS has dwindled and our focus is on re-establishing face to face meetings, beginning with a focus group to ascertain patients’ wishes and requirements moving forward.

"As a team of Clinical Nurse Specialists, we are dedicated to helping support our patients, their families and the third sector organisations, and we have always enjoyed the team approach running these groups with Leukaemia care staff.

"As a team, we are honoured and surprised to receive the Medical Champion Award from Leukaemia care at their annual Volunteer awards in Houses of Parliament."

Congratulations all!