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             Date Title Summary
04/29/2024 Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024

Heart failure does not mean your heart has stopped working, it means that the heart is unable to pump blood and oxygen around the body properly. It usually happens because the heart has become too weak or stiff. It means it needs some support to help it work better. Heart failure is a long-term condition that tends to get gradually worse over time. It cannot usually be cured, but the symptoms can often be controlled for many years.

04/26/2024 Gwent Resident Overcomes Autism Spectrum Disorder's Barriers to Follow Career Dreams

After repeatedly being told that her Asperger’s Syndrome, sight and hearing impairments mean she could never work in an office, Alys Key made it her mission to prove them wrong. Now, having completed a six-month work experience placement with the Person-Centred Care Team at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, Alys has realised that her dream of a job in administration is well within her grasps.

04/26/2024 Director of Public Health urges parents to check children's MMR status as Measles cases rise in Gwent.
04/25/2024 Celebrating National Work Experience Week

As part of this year’s National Work Experience Week, which takes place from 22nd-26th April, we're celebrating and raising awareness of our Work Experience offer here in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

04/19/2024 Velindre Satellite Radiotherapy Centre Taking Shape at Nevill Hall Hospital

Construction is now well underway for the brand-new Satellite Radiotherapy Centre at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, with the building’s exterior now clearly visible on the Nevill Hall site.

04/05/2024 Measles Outbreak Confirmed in Gwent
04/02/2024 Cellular Pathology Team Improves Processing Speed for Cancer Samples