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Coronavirus Patient First Admitted to Intensive Care Leaves Hospital

Scott Howell left his hospital ward earlier to be reunited with his wife and four children at home after spending eight weeks in hospital. He was in a coma for two-and-a-half weeks and was saved by clinicians on two occasions when his heart stopped. After leaving intensive care, within two weeks of being bed-bound, he was helped by the hospital’s rehabilitation staff to climb a flight of stairs.

Scott, aged 48, from Blackwood, said: "The staff here saved my life – they put their own lives on the line and I’m so grateful for what they’ve done for me and others.

“The care I've received has allowed me to be a husband and father again and it's wonderful! As much as I appreciate the professional excellence of the staff at the Royal Gwent, it’s fantastic to be able to leave.

“Every member of staff I encountered in the hospital including porters, cleaners, physios, doctors and nurses were amazing. The NHS services we have here are as good as any in the world.”

Scott explained how pleased he was to be reunited with his family at home. “It was unbelievably fantastic to be in the fresh air and to see my family,” he said. My wife hasn’t slept since I was admitted to hospital. The staff helped us to video call each other from my hospital bed so she could see my progress, but to have a hug from my wife and children when I left hospital was fantastic. They had decorated the house ready for my return which made it extra special for me.”

Intensive Care Consultant Dr Dave Hepburn said: "Scott was as ill as anybody can be, so to see him leaving hospital has been a massive lift for staff across the Health Board.

"All the hardship and pressure we are facing at the moment is all worth it when you see people like Scott get better and reunited with their families - it's the best gift we can receive."

Thank you to Dr Nick Mason for the photographs of Scott.