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Diabetes Week 2020 #TheBigPicture

Diabetes week is an annual nationwide initiative to increase awareness of diabetes and raise vital funds for research. Everyone’s experience of diabetes is different, but we’re united by a common goal – building a better future. Help us paint #TheBigPicture this Diabetes Week...
The triumphs, the setbacks, the daily routines and unexpected turns Go to the Diabetes UK website to find videos of people sharing their stories; Erin living with Type 1 diabetes, Charlie who was diagnosed with LADA (a form of type 1 diabetes that develops later in adulthood), Corinne living with Type 2 diabetes and talking about research to prevent diabetes complications and Ramona talking about how swimming helps her to manage her diabetes. Jit tells us how volunteering for Diabetes UK has helped him personally and we hear from volunteers on the events for children with Type 1 diabetes.
What about diabetes and coronavirus? A recent report highlighted the increased risk that people with diabetes face if they contract the virus. Some risk factors you can’t change such as age, type of diabetes or ethnicity but other risk factors such as high blood glucose and obesity can be reduced by choosing a healthy eating patterntaking regular exercise and getting enough sleep.
For the most up to date information on Diabetes and Covid19 go to the Diabetes UK website