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Dietitians Week - 1st - 5th June 2020

This week (1st – 5th June) we celebrate Dietitians Week. This is our annual celebration of dietitians, dietetics and those that work to support them. Usually the nutrition and dietetic service in the Health Board organises many special events, shares information widely and gets heavily involved in social media sharing the great work that we are all involved in. Obviously this year, things are very different as many in the service continue to work at the front line of care in our Intensive Care Unit and many others have had their usual working patterns impacted by the changes to health and social care provision. Social distancing also restricts how we can do things.

None of this means, however that we don’t want to celebrate the great work that Dietitians are doing this, and every week. For Dietitians Week 2020 we will once again by focusing on #WhatDietitiansDo - looking to explain the diversity within the wider dietetic profession, making the case for more investment in dietetic services.

You can follow many of our local dietitians on social media and please take this opportunity to check out the British Dietetic Association website and social media accounts for week long events and activities.