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Friendly, Singing Security Keeping the Grange University Hospital Safe

15th November 2022

A team of local security guards work hard to keep NHS staff and visitors safe during their visit to hospital sites. Richard Lane (also known as the ‘Singing Security Guard’) and Jordan Marsh run the service at the Grange University Hospital since the building opened in 2020.

“My role is to put people at ease. Security is a positive thing at the end of the day. A smile, a nod and a good morning goes much further.” said Security Officer, Richard Lane. 

Richard’s role developed through the pandemic, and he found his passion for singing & positivity helped keep morale up during difficult times. He estimates he has probably spoke and sang to thousands of Gwent residents.

“Some would say they hear me over the valleys but you never know what someone’s going through. It’s nice to have that little bit of light like sunshine on a rainy day.” He continued.


Security in a healthcare environment has a different role to play compared to other environments like retail and hospitality. With visits from frail and poorly patients plus family members who may be all going through difficult times, compassion is a priority.

“We are a lot of the time the first point of contact. We may have someone that needs security assistance and then sometimes it’s a case of being a shoulder to cry on, to lean on.” said Jordan Marsh.

Jordan came from a retail background, realising he had a passion for using his words to communicate to those that need support. And with communication being key for any healthcare role, he was a perfect fit.

Security staff needs to be SIA trained and licensed and physically fit but most often than not, situations are resolved by compassionate care, listening and trying to solve issues calmly and peacefully.

The team conduct regular patrols and are a consistent presence around the hospital and in ED. Their calming and helpful approach is evident with patients and staff sharing their encounters with the team.

“We were met by 2 absolutely fabulous security staff who assisted us. They gave us directions and got a wheelchair for my daughter in law. They were outstanding and couldn’t do enough to help us.” said Jane Jones, a visitor to the Grange.  

“Emergency Departments can be very busy and emotionally charged environments where the whole range of human emotions can be found on a regular basis. They have been great at meeting and greeting and signposting our patients around the site, dealing with unexpected medical emergencies as well as protecting staff and patients when the situation arises. During incidences where violence and aggression could occur or has occurred the team have been great at deescalating the situation. Quite simply we could not do our jobs without them.” said Dr Alastair Richards, Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine.

Michaela’s son was rushed to the Grange, as well as the incredible A&E staff, “they all made a frightening experience so much easier.” Said Michaela.

“When we saw security, you couldn’t help but feel positive and it brought a smile to my face, and I know that many of our staff felt the same way, please pass on our many thanks to him for keeping us smiling through all the challenges. When requested to attend maternity we have always received a positive and prompt response from security which we are very grateful for.” said Jayne Beasley, Interim Head of Midwifery 

The team at the Grange are one of several security teams for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board that continue to work night and day to make sure all who work & visit feel safe.