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Getting Up, Getting Dressed and Keeping Moving in Move It May!

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Staff on Rhymney ward at Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr have been learning how to walk with aids themselves so that they know how to best support patients to keep active and avoid deconditioning. This is especially important after patients have had surgery, which often causes limitations to their mobility. 










Monday 20th May 2024

Staff on Ward C7 East at the Royal Gwent Hospital have been encouraging their patients to get up and out of bed by putting on a pottery class.

Patients on the ward loved taking part in the activities- just look at their faces!


Staff on Ward C7 West at the Royal Gwent Hospital have made sure they've kept themselves moving as well throughout Move It May - by taking part in a sponsored walk up to the Folly tower! The team completed the walk on Monday 13th May in terrible weather conditions, and have raised over £600 in sponsorship money.



Thursday 9th May 2024

Patients at Ysbyty Tri’r Chwm have been busy taking part in lots of activities to get them up out of their hospital beds and interacting with staff and each other.

This week, they’ve enjoyed baking, dancing, playing games, and some arts and crafts!


Wednesday 8th May 2024

The teams on D3 East and D3 West at the Royal Gwent Hospital have been working collaboratively as a Multi-disciplinary team to get patients up, dressed and keeping moving.

They have been working together to encourage patients to walk around the ward and sit in their bedside chair or in the day room as opposed to staying in bed.


Monday 6th May 2024

Did you know that for those over 80, spending 10 days in bed when in hospital is equal to 10 YEARS of muscle ageing?

The next time you visit a loved one in hospital, you could make a big difference by helping them get out of bed, get dressed, and keep moving.

Physiotherapist, Ross, has some tips on staying active in hospital.

Wednesday 1st May 2024

This month, we’re taking part in #MoveItMay by trying to stop deconditioning and encouraging our patients to get upget dressed and keep moving as much as they can during their time in hospital with us (if appropriate to do so).

When patients in hospital spend prolonged periods in bed, it puts them at risk of becoming weaker and losing strength quickly, which is known as deconditioning. Muscle deconditioning can have a detrimental effect on our patients’ health, well-being, mobility, independence and comfort, as the longer a patient stays in hospital, the greater the impact of deconditioning and the harder it is for the patient to return home or avoid re-admission.

Anyone who comes into contact with patients on wards can all play a part in helping and encouraging them to get up, get dressed and keep moving as much as they can - this includes any member of staff, as well as a patient's visitors. The next time you visit a loved one in hospital, making sure they get up, get dressed, and keep moving as much as they can could make a huge difference to their hospital stay.


Senior Nurse, at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Helen, explains more in the below video: