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Important- Requirement for Face Coverings in all Health Board Premises

Friday 11th September 2020

In the last week, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has seen a significant rise in positive COVID-19 cases within the community, investigations have indicated that a lack of social distancing in all age groups, in a range of different locations, has contributed to the spread of the virus.

This rise in positive cases in Caerphilly and now Newport shows that Coronavirus has not gone away.  It remains the responsibility of everyone to help prevent the transmission of this virus and as a result the Health Board is introducing from Friday 11th of September 2020 the following additional measures to minimise the risk and to protect our staff, patients and our communities:

  • Face coverings must be worn by everyone in all patient and public facing areas within the Health Board. These will be available at the entrance to our premises, with the provision of hand sanitiser which should be used prior to donning the face covering.
  • When leaving Health Board premises, please use the hand sanitiser prior to removal of the face covering and place safely into a bin.
  • Patients will be individually risk assessed and will be advised accordingly.
  • Patients attending out-patient and other appointments are expected to wear a face covering. Children aged under 11, or those with medical exemptions, will not be required to wear a face covering.

Other infection prevention measures that are key in minimising the risk of transmission are:

  • Hand decontamination (hand washing/hand sanitiser)
  • Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas
  • Socially distancing of a minimum of 2 metres
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Stay at home for 14 days if a member of your household has symptoms or tests positive or if a contact tracer asks you to do so

The Health Board requests everyone to participate in the above measures to protect our patients, Health Board staff and our communities.