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Introducing the Virtual 'Buddying' Patient Engagement Pilot with Aneurin Bevan CHC

Monday 12th April

The Community Health Council (CHC) is the Watchdog of the NHS, and Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council are responsible for overseeing our Health Board.

Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, CHC officers would visit our wards and speak to patients in confidence about their experiences of care. This third party feedback provided the Health Board with valuable, anonymous feedback that helped us to both celebrate what we do well and change what we need to, with the aim of improving the experience for people who receive care on our wards.

Due to the COVID-19 visiting restrictions, CHC members have not been able to visit patients on the wards. Through a virtual ‘buddying’ programme, where members of the Person Centred Care Team would connect patients to a member of the CHC, patients have been able to continue to provide confidential feedback to the CHC.

Being able to gain patient feedback at the time they are receiving care is really important to both the Health Board and the CHC. This short film gives an overview of this new scheme and how it works.