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Joe and His 'Super Strong Metal Arm'

When Joe, aged 7, and his family went on holiday to Greece, they never expected him to return home with a broken arm!

Joe’s family took him straight to one of our Minor Injury Units after arriving back in the UK who are experienced in treating broken bones. Find out what other injuries the unit can treat on our Minor Injury Units page.

Alison, Joe’s Mum, shared the following feedback about their experience:
“Thank you so much for caring for my little hero. After a terrifying experience in a foreign hospital, you made us feel calm and safe. Thank you to the wonderful staff in RGH Minor Injury Unit who cared for us when we arrived from the airport. Thank you to the incredible C1 ward at GUH including Jodie, Amanda, Johnathan & so many others. And of course, enormous thanks to the amazing surgical team including Mr Kadambande and Angharad, our angel anaesthetist, who put a scared little boy at ease as they made him the proud owner of his 'super strong metal arm.'”