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Lockdown of the Caerphilly County area and what it means for local Health Services

Following the local lockdown of the Caerphilly County area from 6pm yesterday (8th September), please see more detailed information on how the recent restrictions could affect your local Health Care services and the way you access them:

  •  Travel restrictions into and out of Caerphilly County Borough do not apply to travel related to access to health care services
  • Everyone attending a health care premises in the Caerphilly County Borough during the Caerphilly Coronavirus lockdown restrictions will need to wear a face covering. This applies to surgeries, community clinics, hospitals, and other health premises. Children aged under 11, or those with medical exemptions, do not need to wear a face covering.
  • Caerphilly residents visiting health care premises outside of the Borough must also wear a face covering.
  • All our services in the Caerphilly County Borough area are running as normal for all patients. If you have an appointment with a health care professional, you are permitted to travel to Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr or any clinic for that appointment.

For more information on the Welsh Government guidelines regarding the local lockdown in Caerphilly, please visit: their website.

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