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Patient Thanks Grange University Hospital for Saving Her Life and Going the Extra Mile

Tuesday 25th July 2023

A Gwent patient who was critically ill has thanked the hospital staff that saved her life after her heart stopped multiple times.

Tina Cashell, from Gwent, was admitted to The Grange University Hospital with severe breathing difficulties in Summer 2022. After urgent investigations, Tina was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and her heart stopped on more than one occasion, leaving her critically unwell.

Thankfully, following life-saving treatment and time on the Intensive Care Unit, Tina was able to return home after spending 6 weeks as an inpatient at The Grange University Hospital.

A year on from leaving hospital, Tina and her husband, Richard, have had time to reflect on their experience.

Tina said: “It was an incredibly worrying time for me and my family. They saved my life in the Intensive Care Unit. I’d just like to thank the staff again for everything they’ve done for me.

“My whole experience at the Grange was fantastic and the staff were superb, every single one of them! The food was excellent and all the staff were lovely to me, from cleaners to consultants, I couldn’t fault them!”


Husband, Richard, was also incredibly impressed with the expert care his wife received.

He said: “I was taking in cakes and biscuits with my daughter, just as our way of saying thank you. We know they are all under tremendous pressure.”

Richard also explained how the compassionate care they received was above and beyond what was expected, as the ward staff put together a tea party for the couple to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their family.


Richard said: “Tina kept saying she needed to be home to celebrate our anniversary, so our consultant arranged the party.”

Tina said: “They let us have a room and they did a little tea party with the family. The nurses helped put up the banners.”

Tina is now recovering well at home, saying “I’ve been home for 12 months now and am feeling so much better.”