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Proud Sisters Carrying on Family's NHS Legacy

“It doesn’t matter what role you’re in, any NHS job, is really special and is something to be proud of.”

Caring comes naturally to sisters, Ceri and Sian, who come from a truly NHS household. With Ceri going into nursing and Sian following into Pharmacy, they now both have roughly 40 years of NHS service each.

From an early age they carried on in the footsteps of their mother, aunt and grandmother, who all served in the NHS, and both sisters continue their legacy of service.

Urology Nurse, Ceri, said: “Really our main inspiration was our mother. We sadly lost her seven years ago, but she’s always been our inspiration, and an inspiration to others as well. Definitely in the blood. I think that’s why we got to know hospital life really.”

“Nursing actually was my second choice but I can’t imagine doing anything else now. But the rest is history.”

Pharmacy Technician, Sian, said: “So I’ve always been really, really proud to work for the NHS. I was always proud to put my uniform on, I always feel that I want to do my best for the patient because I’ve always been surrounded by Ceri and Mam and those feelings come naturally.”