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Relocation of Haematology Entrance at the Royal Gwent Hospital

Please note, due to the closure of the Block 3 entrance at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Haematology patients will need to enter via an alternative route.

Please refer to the following guidance, along with this site map of the Royal Gwent Hospital (pictured below), to determine the entrances' new locations:

For Haematology Medical Day Case Unit Access:

  1. Enter via Entrance 1 (level 1)
  2. Follow signs to Main Lifts
  3. Exit on to Level 3
  4. Go along main corridor and follow signs to MDCU

For Haematology B6N Access

  1. Enter via Maxillofacial Surgery/ Oral Surgery/Orthodontics  (level 2)
  2. Go along to the end of the corridor to lifts
  3. Exit on to Level 6
  4. Follow signs to B6N